Training & Development

  • Agile Methodology for Project Management

  • Psychometrics Assessments for Big Five based Tests and Trait Development

  • Corporate Training Programs for Soft Skills


Book Sales & Rights

  • Book Signing Requests

  • Book Tours and Promotion Engagements

  • Fact Checking and Corrections

  • Royalty and Sales Proceeds Questions

  • Upcoming Book Inquiries


IT Consulting Work

  • Complete Web Project Cycle from Design to Content and SEO

  • Vast Network of Top Rated Freelancers Sifted from Global Pool of Multilingual Specialists

  • International NGOs and UN Experience for Social Research

  • Branding, Digital Marketing, Web Analytics and Lead Generation for your Business

  • Digital Photography, Studio Interviews and Explainer Video Creation.


Public Speaking Engagement

  • Expertise in Technology, Language Learning, Personality Psychology and Current Affairs.

  • Keynotes, Webinars, Conference Papers and Start Up Pitches.

  • Intercultural Communication and Cross-Cultural Programs


Writing Inquiries

  • Technical Documentation and Product Manuals

  • Academic Papers relevant to Business Studies and Economics

  • Web Content and Press Releases

  • Guest Posts and Op-Ed Columns as freelance writer.


Teaching and Lecturing

  • Instructional Design and Course Content Creation.

  • Foreign Languages taught: Swedish, German and Arabic.

  • Teaching kids ESL and Spoken English Courses as well as TOEFL, IELTS and GMAT.

  • Online webinars and Language Labs with Classes around the World.

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