The literature on the use of psychometrics for recruitment has been scarce at its best and fails to address major developments in the field. The current study is aimed to add to the body of literature focusing on the applications of psychometrics in recruitment. A particular emphasis is put on the construction of psychometric tests and its correlation with job performance predictability.


Through an extensive literature review, it is found that a study of such a nature has not been undertaken previously. The study is executed by adopting a qualitative research method, using a semi-structured, open-ended questionnaire interviewing three highly specialized psychometric professionals in two companies across two continents. The findings are subsequently examined using grounded theory.


Quotes from the book

Social class, social status and political party in his opinion were determining factors for
human lives, equally impacting their work lives and opportunities. Frederick Herzberg states job satisfaction and job dissatisfaction are a function of motivational and hygienic factors at work which are intrinsic and extrinsic respectively

Professionals who conduct these tests are called psychometricians and have educational
background in psychology, human resources and education

Even though the majority of these tests were designed to gauge human intelligence, these tests have now been extended in many disciplines. Galton's work on anthropometry and Herbart's work on mathematical models to understand human consciousness are some of the breaking points which lead to research into psychometrics used for other purposes than measurement of intelligence.

In 1921, after the publishing of Jung's work 'Psychological types', the tome had gained fame in the
academic circles for its practical implications in clinical psychology. It was translated in 1923 in
English. Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabelle Briggs Myers, mother, and daughter from US became
keenly interested in the concept of psychological assessment of human beings to understand their
gifts, after encountering Jung's work

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