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R is rapidly becoming the leading language in data science and statistics. Today, R is the tool of choice for data science professionals in every industry and field. Whether you are full-time number cruncher, or just the occasional data analyst, R will suit your needs.

This introduction to R programming course will help you master the basics of R. In seven sections, you will cover its basic syntax, making you ready to undertake your own first data analysis using R. Starting from variables and basic operations, you will eventually learn how to handle data structures such as vectors, matrices, data frames and lists. In the final section, you will dive deeper into the graphical capabilities of R, and create your own stunning data visualizations. No prior knowledge in programming or data science is required.

What makes this course unique is that you will continuously practice your newly acquired skills through interactive in-browser coding challenges using the personalized help. Instead of passively watching videos, you will solve real data problems while receiving instant and personalized feedback that guides you to the correct solution.

  • Full-Length Zoom Webinar in HD Quality Video and Audio.

  • Access to our Exclusive Facebook and Whatsapp Community of Researchers Who Mentor You.

  • Possibility to Interact with Instructor for Reviewing Your Research Work.

  • Participation Certificate.

  • Free Templates for APA Style Research Paper.

  • Free Literature Review Template.

  • High Quality PDF file for Workshop Slides

  • Possibility to Buy tools like Grammarly at Discounted Price.

  • Scholarship Finding Help for Top Students.

  • Access to ALL Future Content & Member Pricing

Participant Reviews:

Been as a participant to the 5 day bootcamp on Modern Research Methods and Data Analysis & undoubtedly it was the most informative and productive event that I've ever been to.
He's a Such an incredible researcher and a trainer as well. Grip on his knowledge and expertise are commendable & it reflected in his quality of teaching. In this dire need of hour, such talent must be acknowledged publicly. He's truly passionate about what he does and that itself is captivating. Accomplishing great things already!!!

Rabeeya Altaf Rehmani, MPhil Scholar

Great teacher, amazing experience , well organized and very well coordinated. highly recommended . Very detailed and cleared all concepts and we had practical sessions too, Hope to join next workshop soon. 10/10

Dr. Rabia Inam Gandapore BDS MBBS

Thank you for creating a fun and safe educational environment for Us during advance research methodology boot camp...
All the hard work you put in day after day doesn't go unnoticed — thank you for everything. We're so lucky that We have you as a research methodology teacher and Mentor! You have made such a positive impact on our Research techniques nd research Data analysis skills and I can't thank you enough.

Khurram Elahi Khan Tanoli, MPhil Scholar

Discounted Price $20

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