And that to His Rabb is his end, And indeed it is He who makes you laugh and makes you cry.
Al-Najam Chapter 53, Quran.

About Me

A Passionate and Experienced Consultant and Multilingual Writing Professional with Relevant Experience in multiple industries. As a child i started as a broadcaster conducting a children show from Radio Pakistan. I have consulted for over 10 years for both local and international organizations. With numerous publications and interviews in multiple languages in reputable magazines and newspapers across the globe like The News, ProPakistani, SüdWest Presse, Linux Format, The Lahore Times etc i am an accomplished writer and analyst. I write on diverse issues ranging from Education to Technology and Politics to Travel.

I have presented at numerous conferences, seminars, guest lectures and workshops. I am a peer reviewer on IRRORDL and different policy discussion forums. I have been interviewed extensively on issues like Copyrights, Open Education resources, capacity development and policy issues among others. I am an avid traveler and culture connoisseur having traveled over 20 countries around the world. I am a certified climber with certification from Deutsche Alpine Verein after completing indoor wall climbing training. I frequently climb mountains in Northern Pakistan.

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My Travels

I absolutely love travelling. I am called a nomad by my friends. It has helped me become what i am today. I witness a miracle daily. You have to have my eyes to see them. I have drummed the food pan with the woods collected for fire in the forests. I have squatted in the snow, tried to make a perfect football shoot out of frozen snow balls. I have slept by the blue mediterranean in a small Italian border town called Ventimiglia watching the lights glimmer on the French Side. Seen a Spanish couple fight from across the platforms throwing their bags onto the railway lines, laughing hysterically. Camped illegally in a public park in Budapest. Survived the 8 months of 18-hour night followed by 4 months of 18-hour sunshine in Northern Sweden. Got sick to my stomach visiting concentration camp in Auschwitz, Poland. Took worlds slowest, express train and passed through the most breath-taking route ever in Switzerland from Zermatt to Chur in southern Switzerland.

Been to 14000 feet mountains in Chapursan Valley in North Pakistan! Was in Brugge and Alkmaar and never went to the Ocean! Sat down on the bank of platform in a suburban train station outside paris, singing songs with a busking french in our own languages simultaneously. Watched the majestic beauty of Salzburg leaning back on my backpack from the castle on the mountain. Saw the official boat-taxi in Venice, Italy. Was broken into pieces watching a beggar kneeling in snow at Christmas Market on Xmas Eve in Mainz, Germany. Watched swans swimming in the Black Sea in Varna, Bulgaria, did fishing in the middle of the night with one of the guy who picked me during hitchhiking near Balaton Lake, Hungary, gaped at the elegance of transylvanian mountains in Romania, rode horse in Ptuj, Slovenia at a farm, hypnotically walked through bazaars and streets of Istanbul mesmerized by the door of east and west.

Countries i’ve visited:

Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Vatican City State

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Contact Me

Thank You for taking the time to go through my portfolio. I am always looking for exciting opportunities and like-minded people that i can share my professional expertise with. Feel free to drop me a line about yourself and your work and i will get back to you. Currently i am offering following services:

  • Research and Development of Feasability Reports, Ghost Writing, Speech Writing and Motivation Letters. Genres include Technology, Education, History, Islam and Politics
  • Language Translation, voiceover and Interpretation in Urdu, German and Swedish
  • Project Management for Start Ups. That includes Legal help, Branding, Digital Strategy and Marketing. I have a global team of handpicked freelancers for big projects also. e.g. Whiteboard Animations, Tutorials and Graphic Design
  • Website Development, E-commerce Solutions and SEO Optimization
  • Resource Consultancy and Network Building.

P.S. NGOs and Non-Profits get special discount. Contact me for details. I do not work with Adult Entertainment, Casino and Alcohol related businesses.