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Let Me Help You Explore Yourself.

Let's Meet

People call me Minhaaj. I study People.

A Passionate and Experienced Freelance Consultant and Multilingual Writing Professional with extensive Experience in multiple industries.

I am an Adjunct Professor of Business Studies at Islamia University Bahawalpur. As a child, I started as a broadcaster conducting children show from Radio Pakistan. I have consulted for both local and international organizations like Commonwealth of Learning, University of Maryland, Pennsylvania State University, Telenor, Microsoft, Ericsson, Randstad etc for the past 10 years in varied roles and nuanced capacities. As a practitioner at Association of Business Psychology my research interests include Psychometrics, Personality Psychology and its applications for education and development.  With numerous publications, interviews, conference presentations, panel discussions, podcast guest speaking opportunities in multiple languages in reputable magazines and newspapers across the globe like The News, ProPakistani, SüdWest Presse, Linux Format and The Lahore Times, etc I am an accomplished writer and analyst. I write on diverse issues ranging from Education to Technology and Politics to Travel. I deliver lectures on various topics of interest in national universities and colleges and they are covered in local and international media. As one of the founders of Wikipedia in Pakistan and one of the early Board of Directors of Wikieducator, i feel privileged to be able to share my experiences of founding the movement in Pakistan and i was shortlisted and Interviewed for TED Talks India Fellowship for that work.

I am a peer reviewer at IRRORDL, a distant learning journal and am often sought after opinions on issues of expertise like Copyrights, Open Education resources, capacity development, and policy issues. My YouTube channel aims to educate by sharing my insights and understandings of new research and literature on pressing issues of our times along with prestigious guests around the world.  I believe intellectual tragedies are inevitable and only way to make sense of world around us and it draws from many unrelated domains in the world and causes suffering which isn't necessarily as unpalatable Nietzschean despair but is certainly a pre-requisite for higher-order thinking. My book "Psychometrics in Human Resource Management" is based on my graduate research work on personality psychology  and is now available on Amazon. Param Yok,  a travelogue was my first book written during my travels in Europe. My recent book "Rekindling from the Forgotten" is an anthology of my newspaper Op-Eds and Columns. I am an avid traveler and polyglot cultural connoisseur having traveled over 20 countries around the world reporting on human conditions, cultural differences and how its shaping our world. I am a certified climber with certification from Deutsche Alpine Verein after having completed indoor wall climbing training, and I frequently climb mountains in Northern Pakistan when i am not writing and teaching. My passion is developing human capital and bringing about a positive change globally through my writing, teaching, research and public speaking.

I am the founder of world's first urdu version of NEO IPIP 300 item Big 5 test which is one of the most validated freely available personality assessment tool. It comes with a very detailed report and data visualization of your personality traits and what they mean in terms of growth and development. I am committed to change the lives of my students and readers for good and at the same time learn from their insights and experiences. Through years, i have learned many lessons from my extensive travels, education abroad and rather gluttonous reading and would like to share it with everyone who is interested in exploring these ideas. My counseling practice is limited and given my research and vocational commitments i take only a very limited number of clients at a given point. I am also very keen on listening to your life story and your lessons that can help me grow. It is tragic that our people with immense talents and potential, lack the guidance and proper counseling in life. Your country, socioeconomic status, personal problems and disabilities are only as big as you make them. People have successfully navigated through all these problems to become successful and self-actualized.

My strength lies in assessment of human potential through scientifically valid psychometric tools like Big Five, MBTI, Hogan and Saville. These tests are being used already for educational and career success in places like Microsoft, Harvard, Google, LUMS, Agha Khan Hospital State Bank of Pakistan, Engro Group, Civil Services Academy, Descon, CTO 24/7, Sitara Chemical Industries etc. I want to bring this revolutionary understanding of human behavior to Pakistan and have successfully applied that to my students and companies i have consulted for. I have already implemented these tests in organizations with 100% productivity gains and have received awards for that. This is not the story of other people only. I myself have taken these tests and have immensely benefited from them in my life.

I work with you to explore these preferences and priorities in your life.


- What careers are best for you?
- What jobs utilize your natural talents? 
- What kind of education will you excel in?

These are the questions i will help you answer yourself. Once you have done that i will make a detailed action plan for you to work on and will get you started with personalized coaching. I will also provide you with necessary links and resources to achieve those plans. Through my vast global and domestic network of helpful people i can get you started on the right path by leading you to appropriate jobs, internships, study programs, on-line courses, relevant assessments and even health professionals for any symptoms you might have that is hindering your growth. At this stage of my life, i am able to share my success story with you and help you write yours. If you have what it takes to succeed and are willing to do what it takes to get there, there is no stopping you. All of my works are out there for you to help get started and self-realized.

Johan Falk

I very much appreciated working with Minhaaj on this project. He has a lot of experience, very good at communicating and following deadlines. I hope to find future projects to work with him again.

Peter Rawsthorne

When it comes to shifting my perspective on international issues Minhaaj has been exemplary. I have collaborated with Minhaaj on anumber of initiatives and he brings a creative presence that often takes the group into areas they were not prepared. In the end the results are deeper and broader because of Minhaajs' participation.

Dr. Nellie Deutsch

Minhaaj ur Rehman has excellent social skills, high integrity, is very trustworthy, and a lifelong learner who would be a valuable asset to every organization. I highly recommend Mr Minhaaj. Please contact me for further information.

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