Rekindling from the Forgotten is a collection of Op-Eds and Columns published by me during last couple of years for numerous newspapers and magazines.


Warm reception and requests to turn this into a book was overwhelming and i could see how it can be beneficial for the posterity. The tone is solemn, bitter, euphoric, inquisitive, informative, malicious and melancholic and yet never wavers from the search for truth.


For all its worth, my wanderings and ramblings are for the world to castigate, discard, cherish or internalize. All i am doing is, rekindling the history from the forgotten.

Quotes from the book

Eulogizing the worst of the society as erudite scholars and intelligentsia is just one of the ways web 3.0 has brought havoc on moral values and religious injunctions.

The ability to feel, acknowledge, and think is what characterizes a human soul. Having a purpose and goals in life make human journey different from animals whose routine lives don’t follow the vicissitudes we humans go through.

They are given the wisdom to reign over other species. Only they can continuously evolve and learn. Goats never think about creating a salad out of their vegetarian food. Cats don’t seem to care if milk is 3% fat or 1.5%. Lions can’t care less about beef steaks and chicken nuggets.

Next time when you send your children to these pygmalion sculptors of greedy, arrogant academics, somewhere in your subconscious never forget the importance of sending them to these priceless mystics so that they may see with their own eyes the real value of education and not its worth.

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